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Join us to make the Internet more equal - #WikiGap on the 8 th of May at Think Corner, Helsinki.

Wikipedia is the world´s largest user-generated online encyclopedia. Knowledge is power, and Wikipedia has the potential to affect our world view. But there is a great imbalance between men and women on the website, like in society at large.

Ninety percent of Wikipedia editors are men. There are four times more articles on men than women. The numbers vary regionally, but there is clearly less information about women than men in Wikipedia irrespective of the language version. We want to change this with #WikiGap.

#WikiGap is an event during which people around the world will gather to add more content to Wikipedia about women figures, experts and role models in various fields.

#WikiGap kicks off on the International Women´s Day, 8th of March. The event is organized in approximately fifty countries during. The project will improve women´s representation by increasing the number of articles about women.

In Finland, #WikiGap will take place on the 8 th of May at the University of Helsinki´s Think Corner at 9 – 16 o´clock.

You are invited to bridge the gap between men and women in Wikipedia by writing new articles on prominent Finnish women in the fields of science, economy and politics. We have gathered article ideas for you to write about, so no preliminary work is needed! Alternatively, you can also just add new images to articles or find new "did you know" facts for the front page.

No previous experience is required, but you need to bring a personal computer.

Sign up and indicate which woman you hope to write about. Alternatively, you can let us know the field in which you are interested in writing an article.

Together, we can make the Internet and society more equal.

Who can I write about?
This Wiki Project concentrates on Finnish women. In addition, articles on living persons should be written honoring their privacy. The mission of Wikipedia is not to cause scandals or spread rumours. When you are writing about living persons you must take into consideration laws and three important policies: neutral point of view, verifiability ja no original research. This means that you should choose a person who it's easy to find sources for. Suitable sources are for example books about the person, magazine articles, documentaries and news stories.
Adding a citation
Using visual editor to add a citation (youtube-video)
Hashtag #wikigap
Please, use hashtag #wikigap in your edit summary so we can find your articles.
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More detailed information on the Finnish-language page.
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