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Health Information for All in a Language of their Choosing[muokkaa wikitekstiä]

The English Wikiproject Medicine in collaboration with Translators Without Borders has launched an effort to improve key medical content in English followed by translation into as many other languages as possible. We are wondering if people from this project would be interested in getting involved? A list of topics this effort is planning on covering can be found here Book:Health care. A full description of the project is here. Feel free to drop me a note on my talk page on the English Wikipedia User talk:Doc James if you wish more details or have questions. --Jmh649 (keskustelu) 20. maaliskuuta 2012 kello 23.17 (EET)

Tähän saattaa liittyä uudempi viesti kahvihuoneessa Wikipedia:Kahvihuone_(sekalaista)#Medical_translations, ovatkokeilleet artikkelilla unitauti. --Tappinen (keskustelu) 14. kesäkuuta 2014 kello 17.34 (EEST)

Medicine Thematic Organization[muokkaa wikitekstiä]

Discussion is currently taking place on meta about forming a thematic organization related to medicine. All who are interested are invited to participate. This organization will have a number of goals, one of which is to help develop partnerships with other organizations to improve the quality of medical content on Wikipedia and its sister projects in all languages. If this sounds like fun please join. Like most things within Wikimedia activities and direction will primarily be determined by the volunteers. James Heilman, MD (talk · contribs · email)(please leave replies on my talk page) 15:09, 21 август 2012 (UTC)

Global Project[muokkaa wikitekstiä]

Hi. I'm currently a post-doctoral fellow with Lilly's Clinical Open Innovation team and am working on a project to help bring region (country) specific disease state information to the main article page. The goal of the project is to determine the standards of care for treating different disease states in different regions of the world. For instance, how a disease state managed in a certain country can be quite different in another country.

You can read the discussion thread of this project in WikiProject Medicine (Eng) here. I am looking to recruit at least 1 to 2 people from each country who can help me lead this effort. I have started with the disease state, hypertension, and have already inputed information from the region of Scotland in a sandbox. They can be found here: Epidemiology of Hypertension, Diagnosis of Hypertension, and Management of Hypertension. The goal is to fill in the information for the other countries as well.

Again, I'm looking for at least 1 to 2 people from each country who can help me launch this effort. For those interested, please reply back on my talk page in your language or in English (whichever is easier for you) and indicate which country you will be representing. Once enough people have been recruited, I will discuss the plan I have in place to carry this forward. I highly value your participation in this effort. The information we collectively put together could result in a standards of care knowledge map that could eventually look similar to the Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care, but on a global scale, in Wikipedia. Thank you for your time. GT67 (keskustelu) 22. helmikuuta 2013 kello 00.59 (EET)

Medical Hypotheses[muokkaa wikitekstiä]

Lähteenä ei kannata käyttää "It was originally intended as a forum for unconventional ideas without the traditional filter of scientific peer review, "so long as (the ideas) are coherent and clearly expressed" in order to "foster the diversity and debate upon which the scientific process thrives."[1] Medical Hypotheses was the only Elsevier journal that did not send submitted papers to other scientists for review.[2] Articles were chosen instead by the journal's editor-in-chief based on whether he considered the submitted work interesting and important. The journal's policy placed full responsibility for the integrity, precision and accuracy of publications on the authors, rather than peer reviewers or the editor." -- 26. helmikuuta 2013 kello 15.34 (EET)

Wikimania 2014 Medical Editor get-together[muokkaa wikitekstiä]

The Wikimania event is now booked for the eve of the conference on Thursday, August 7th 2014at 3.30-6.30 p.m.. The page is at; please sign-up there. In brief, Cancer Research UK, will be hosting the event at their HQ at The Angel Building in Islington. There will be a presentation and discussion on issues around accessible language, followed by a move to a nearby pub. At 6.30 we move off to cover the 1.5 miles (2.3 km) to the Barbican to catch the Wikimania Opening Ceremony and drinks, starting at 7pm.

Please publicize this to any medics attending Wikimania, or medical wikiprojects! Thanks Wiki CRUK John

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CFCF (keskustelu) 9. heinäkuuta 2014 kello 10.59 (EEST)

Parannuksen kohteeksi luetuimpia artikkeleita[muokkaa wikitekstiä]

Viikon kilpailussa parannettiin vuoden 2017 luetuimpia artikkeleita. Näiden joukossa oli 65 lähteetöntä lääketieteen artikkelia. Pitäisin tärkeänä niiden parantamista.

Linkki Petscan-hakuun

--Tappinen (keskustelu) 20. toukokuuta 2018 kello 08.44 (EEST)

Täsmennys: sanoin tuossa että "lähteettömiä"; petscan etsii mekaanisesti onko artikkelissa viitteet-malline. Joissakin noista on muulla tavalla merkittyjä lähteitä, joissakin on vanhentunutta tietoa. Lisäsin muutamia Aiheesta muualla -linkkejä niin että kaikissa on edes joku linkki wikipedian ulkopuolelle. --Tappinen (keskustelu) 20. toukokuuta 2018 kello 10.22 (EEST)