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Anyone to translate this article in English, so that I can complete the French version ( ?

In loving memory of Tero.

A rough translation:
Tero Kaski (10 August 1950, Lahti, Finland – 3 January 2001, Kuusankoski, Finland), alias Daddy T-Roy, was a Finnish reggae advocate.
Kaski became interested in Jamaican music in the early 1970s and was among the first to make reggae known in Finland. During his career he, among others, visited Jamaica, interviewed reggae artists, ran the Black Star record shop in Helsinki, published Cool Runnings magazine and reggae-related literature (the most well-known of his books was probably Reggae Inna Dancehall Style, written with Pekka Vuorinen), as well as hosted radio programs on Yleisradio and Radio City (programs such as Roots & Culture). Kaski was educated as a translator, but never practiced the profession full-time. He died of a sudden attack[/illness] in his home at the age of 50.
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