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For Jniemenmaa -

My aim is certainly not to put English pages on the Finnish wikipedia. People in Finland may want to put up a EuroVelo page but may not have the time. If this English page is there already they can use it as a template to help them start a Finnish version.

Please give other people in your country the chance to make their own minds up as to whether they want to translate this page or not. I have done the same for some other European languages (Polish, Slovenian, see the Muut kielet in the sidebar) and within days people who see the aim of the wonderful pan-European EuroVelo project have given their valuable time to translate it.

regards, Frank Reinthaler Melbourne, Australia Reinthal 14:12 elo 3, 2004 (UTC)

Vastailin tähän Reinthalin sivulla enkkuwikissä. -- Jniemenmaa

Uusin lisäys on kopio sivulta --Farside 07:28 elo 6, 2004 (UTC)