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Linking public service journalism with Wikidata

Yle Archives mission is to preserve, document and digitize Finnsih Broadcasting Companys radio and television programs to future genarations. We also offer information services to Yles program makers. We have one internal database which we hopefully could open to public ja merge to Wikidata

Svenska Yle is a broad public broadcasters media web platform with diverse content from news, to blogs and food recipes. We have annoteted our content with keywords from the upper ontology KOKO from Finto as well as from Freebase. We are now looking into migrating our Freebase-metadata to Wikidata. There are several mutual benefits to be found in linking public service journalistic content with the wikimedia-projects.

Our challenge[muokkaa | muokkaa wikitekstiä]

The Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle uses Freebase as one of its vocabularies to describe content produced at Yle. For example the keywords Homer Dudley, Christian Kratzenstein and Wolfgang von Kempelen in the end of this article come from Freebase. In December 2014 Google announced ( that it will close down Freebase and help transfer the data in Freebase to Wikidata. We at Yle have made the decision to use Wikidata as one of our vocabularies in future, but not to loose the data we have stored in and used from Freebase, we need to transfer it into Wikidata.

Most of the concepts we have used from Freebase (totally about 28 000 in October 2015) are already in Wikidata. About 20 000 of those 28 000 concepts already are in Wikidata AND already have the equivalent Freebase-id as one of their properties. The next step is to find out how many of those remaining 8 000 concepts are already in Wikidata but do not have the equivalent Freebase-ids and to save those Freebase-ids in Wikidata. For this work we will use

1) Linked Items –tool: To get Wikidata-ids for Freebase-items (or any strings that already exist in Wikidata):

2) Quick Statements -tool : To save Freebase-ids into Wikidata:

Open questions[muokkaa | muokkaa wikitekstiä]

  • How can we store into Wikidata the Freebase concepts that we use that are not in Wikidata? How will map our Freebase tags to WIkidata?
  • Can Wikidata be a channel for our goals of opening archives?
  • How reliable is information in Wikidata?
  • What can be done through Wikimedia to preserve and celebrate an inheritance
  • Pia Virtanen, Yle
  • Micke Hindsberg, Svenska Yle
  • Tuomas Nolvi, Yle Arkisto
  • Kim Viljanen, Yle
  • Minna Joenniemi, YLE Kulttuuri