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Gartoon-Gedit-icon.png(128 × 132 kuvapistettä, 16 KiB, MIME-tyyppi: image/png)

Image from the Gartoon icon set from Zeus.

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On 06 Feb 06, at 18:15, Berto wrote:

> Dear Zeus
> I am a participant of the wikipedia project. I started some time ago to 
> upload the gartoon icons on the wikipedia commons (the place where we keep
> images that should be avalable to all wikipedia projects all around the
> world) but some doubt about the licence arised.
> I'd like to know under which licence you released your gartoon icons (I
> think it's GFDL but it's better to be sure about it) and if you agree to
> have your icons on wikipedia pages.

Gartoon is licensed under GPL . Thank you for inserting my gartoon icons to
the wikipedia commons. Gartoon is old but it still spreading through the
globe :) .

> Thank you for your time

Sorry for very late reply, i was very busy, and still busy :)

> p.s.
> Forgive my all-but-perfect english. It's not my first language.

No problem, english is not my mother tongue either.

> p.p.s
> You can check http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Gartoon_icons to see what I
> did 'till now. We don't want to infinge any copyright so we need your
> permission to go on and/or to correct. If you don't reply or if you deny
> your permission these images will be deleted.

It's look great.

Zeus Box Studio [-] http://www.zeusbox.org

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nykyinen9. syyskuuta 2005 kello 11.51Pienoiskuva 9. syyskuuta 2005 kello 11.51 tallennetusta versiosta128 × 132 (16 KiB)BertoImage from the Gartoon icon set from [http://www.zeusbox.org Zeus]. This image is released under the [http://www.gnu.org/licenses/dsl.html Design Science Licence]. Free Software Foundation judged this licence compatible with the [http://www.gnu.org/licen

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