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In 1966, Shueisha began publication of ''[[Weekly Playboy]]'', ''Seishun to Dokusho'' and ''Shōsetsu Junia''. A novel called ''Nihonbon Gaku Zenshū'' spawned a great 88 volumes. Another manga magazine was made entitled ''Young Music''. ''Deluxe Margaret'' began publication in 1967 and the additional ''Maragret Comics'' and ''Ribon Comics'' lines. In 1968 the magazine ''Hoshi Young Sense'' began publication as spin-off to the short-lived ''Young Sense''. Later in that year ''Margaret'' launched the ''Seventeen'' magazine as a Japanese version of [[Seventeen (magazine)|the English]]. ''[[Weekly Shōnen Jump|Shōnen Jump]]'' was created in the same year as a '''semi-weekly magazine'''. Another [[Kodomo]] magazine was created in that year called ''Junior Comic'' and another ''Ribon'' spin-off called ''Ribon Comic''. In 1969 the magazine ''Joker'' began publication along with ''guts''. Several other novels are published. The magazine ''Bessatsu Seventeen'' begins publication. In that year ''Shōnen Jump'' becomes a weekly anthology and correctly changes it's title to '''''Weekly''' Shōnen Jump''. Following up to the end of ''Shōnen Book'' a spin-off of ''Weekly Shōnen Jump'' started at the same time as it became weekly, ''Bessatsu Shōnen Jump''. The 1970's have started with the launch of the novel magazine ''Subaru'' and in 1971 the ''[[Non-no]]'' magazine began publication and the ''Ocean life'' magazine. The novel series ''Gendai Nippon Bijutsu Zenshū'' spawned 18 volumes and became a huge seller. In 1972 ''Roadshow'' began publication and ''[[The Rose of Versailles]]'' begins in the ''Margaret Comics'' line gaining massive popularity. In 1973 the ''Playgirl'' magazine began publication and the novel series ''Zenshaku Kanbun Taikei'' spawning a huge 33 volumes. In 1974 ''Weekly Shōnen Jump'' launched ''Akamaru Jump'' and ''[[Monthly Shōnen Jump]]'' was launched to follow after ''Bessatsu Shōnen Jump'' end. Also ''Saison de Non-no'' began it's launch.<ref name="History 4">{{cite web|url= |title=集英社 小史|成長期 |publisher=Shueisha |work= |date=|author=|accessdate=2008-12-12 }}</ref>----------->
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