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This template is intended to be useful for creating links to "oldids"; that is, links to old versions of a wiki page.

Every historical version of a page has a revision ID, which you can find from the history of the page, or from the URL of the old revision. Given a page name and a revision IDs of it, you can construct a link to that particular version.


Current default
{{oldid|page=Main Page}}Sivun nykyinen versio
You can also use the named variables "page", "oldid", and "label".
{{oldid|page=Main Page|oldid=|label=Last revision of '''Main Page'''}}Last revision of Main Page
As long as the values do not contain equals signs, you can skip the variable names/numbers.
{{oldid|Main Page|589841|Old version of '''Main Page'''}}Old version of Main Page
You can link to a specific section (named anchor) as usual by passing "#" and its name as part of the page parameter (see WP:ANCHOR).
code result
{{oldid|Main Page|589841|Link to a 2003 version of a the Main Page}} Link to a 2003 version of a the Main Page
  • The label= parameter (parameter number 3) should be the link text description (optional).
{{oldid|Main Page|589841}} Sivun vanha versio
  • The oldid= parameter (parameter number 2) should be the known revision number.
{{oldid|Main Page}} Sivun nykyinen versio (pretty useless)
  • The page= parameter (parameter number 1) should be the name of the page.
  • The oldid= parameter (parameter number 2) can be cur (or leave it empty) for the current version.