Edward Bernays

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Edward Bernays, 1917

Edward Bernays (22. marraskuuta 18919. maaliskuuta 1995) oli itävaltalais-yhdysvaltalainen propagandan, tiedotus- ja suhdetoiminnan ja mainonnan kehittäjä. Bernays oli Sigmund Freudin sisarenpoika ja sovelsi Freudin ajatuksia käytännössä. Natsi-Saksan propagandaministeri Joseph Goebbels luki Bernaysin teoksia.

Teokset[muokkaa | muokkaa wikitekstiä]

  • The Broadway Anthology (1917, co-author)
  • Crystallizing Public Opinion (New York: Boni and Liveright, 1923) OCLC 215243834
  • A Public Relations Counsel (1927)
  • An Outline of Careers: A Practical Guide to Achievement by Thirty-Eight Eminent Americans (1927)
  • Verdict of Public Opinion on Propaganda (1927)
  • Propaganda (New York: Horace Liveright. 1928) ISBN 978-0-8046-1511-2
  • This Business of Propaganda (1928)
  • Universities—Pathfinders in Public Opinion (1937)
  • Careers for Men: A Practical Guide to Opportunity in Business, Written by Thirty-Eight Successful Americans (1939)
  • Speak Up for Democracy: What You Can Do—A Practical Plan of Action for Every American Citizen (New York: The Viking Press, 1940)
  • Future of Private Enterprise in the Post-War World (1942)
  • Democratic Leadership in Total War (1943)
  • Psychological Blueprint for the Peace—Canada, U.S.A. (1944)
  • Public Relations (1945)
  • Your Place at the Peace Table. What You Can Do to Win a Lasting United Nations Peace (New York: The Gerent Press, 1945)
  • What the British Think of Us: A Study of British Hostility to America and Americans and Its Motivation, with Recommendations for Improving Anglo-American Relations (1950, co-author with his wife Doris Fleischman)
  • The Engineering of Consent (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1955)(contributor) OCLC 550584
  • Your Future in Public Relations (1961)
  • Biography of an Idea: Memoirs of Public Relations Counsel (1965)
  • Case for Reappraisal of U.S. Overseas Information Policies and Programs (Special Study) (1970), by Edward L. Bernays and Burnet Hershey (editors)

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